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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Finally finished this one

Finally finished a Tomohawk for David Slack

Only took me 8 months (I used to build one of these in 6 hours LOL)

Nice 8 string though, David supplied the Grover Keys and Stringmaster pickup; it was one of the last LS Tomohawk lap steel blanks I had -great sounding guitar.

Short scale with Bronze nut and bridge, string through design.

(btw - Tomohawk is spelled right, it is how we copyrighted it in the old days.)

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Someone to Build Melobros Again
This really is too cool an instrument (see models page) to sit in my back shop not being built and since it looks like Melobar has landed back on me I need to see if there is anyone with a heart and desire to take it the next step.

I have the molds but it is going to take a very special builder who knows instruments with a lot of patience to work on them. I'm not looking to sell or make a bunch of money out of it but I want it to continue and be handled correctly.

I am very busy with life right now but if you know someone interested; email a resume of what they can do and their level of  interest to me at if I don't reply right away then I'm on the road.