The Smith Family Melobar Guitar - the real story of Melobar from Ted Smith -

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Last lap steel I have time for right now

This is the last lap steel I get to put together for a while due to time but it was a fun one. William Arnold (owner of the Tel-O-Bar 6+6 model below) told me he was making pickguards out of old LP's which sounded very cool to me. I had this S-head that has sat on the shelf forever waiting for someone to purchase a 8-string pickup for it so I took an L-605 I had on the shelf since the late 80's! - and put it together with Black Grover keys, a custom red marble fretboard and laminated a old record dad had on Swing on the pickguard. Kinda cool. SOLD


Monday, January 28, 2013

Tel-O-Bars are sold...last original Steelgitr up for sale

 I will have the last production Melobar built in the Sweet shop(brass plate testifying to that will be on the upper head stock and back of the guitar) up for sale. This is also the last Steelgitr built (custom body) with Bill Lawrence Tele pickups and L-500. Difference from the Steelgitr to the Telobar is the necks are farther apart and the entire body was built from scratch (Tel-O-Bars use a donor Tele to get started so half the body is original Fender)

Saturday, January 26, 2013

My personal custom CC-8

SOLD This was a CC-8 that never made it to production because I liked the dark blue color and snagged it for myself. I stole the 80's(the really good one with chrome case Bill said couldn't be duplicated exaclty the same anymore because the grade of magnets and wire were not available) L-705 - The pickup was on a guitar dad had built for Barbara Mandrell but kept it for himself...then I stole the pickup :), So hot I actually dialed it down a bit. Black Grovers 102B keys, it's definitely used but in very good shape -SOLD

Solid Maple Ratt


Solid Maple Rattler model, Black Grovers, clear fretboard, nice wood grain, with a very warm sweet sounding pickup and TKL Gig Bag $287


Honey Brown Rattler

Finished this one between coats of paint on the other guitars. VERY nice little Rattler model with a Honey Brown finish