The Smith Family Melobar Guitar - the real story of Melobar from Ted Smith -

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

M.Green get's the Green Dragon

 This guitar was to be the Green Dragon one of a kind but was thought it to be lost in the Hardway fire because it had been stained green and then black soot encased it; on a lark I started sanding and found the soot didn't stain into the open wood but left the green of the CnC carved fretboard looking almost iridescent, did a little more green alcohol stain and the grain popped on the body, shot a dozen clear coats and put about 30 hours into it and it is one of my favorite Tele-Ratt's headed out to Margaret Green owner of one of the original Melobar TeleRatts, She will have two one of a kind guitars like nothing we ever built before...kinda cool to have a player with one of the first and one of the last ever built.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Bruce's Tel-O-Bar

Finally after 70+ hours Bruce's Tel-O-Bar is born.

Very interesting guitar with the Tele on top then the Melobar neck is able to convert from 6 to 8 to a 10 string configuration.

Don't ask me to build another one though, I made less than $5 an hour on this one and the pain and stress is wayyyy too much, but it's cool to see this one make it into the world.