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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Real Melobar story

                                                 After giving so many years of my life to Melobar I finally hit a total burn out and tried to leave it behind me - but as you know, you can run but you can't hide. And after seven years I ventured back online and peeked at what people were saying about our 35 years of Melobar history and I was shocked at the things being said.
There's a blog claiming Dad lived in Sweet and has this ridiculous story of him leaving the farm in Sweet Idaho to join the Dobro brothers to learn how to build guitars. I lived in Sweet, Dad lived in Ojai California less than a hundred miles from L.A. and never put a foot in Sweet Idaho and would be rolling in his grave at such a story. So my family asked me to create a true Melobar blog so our history isn't so distorted.
What get's me is the guy won't correct his misinformation -
If you want facts they are very well documented in National magazines and books 
 Guitar Player Int. March of 1985 The Melobar Story Strap-On Steels pp47,48.49,50.
 Tom Wheelers book American Guitars by Harper and Row p275
 Guitar Player Int. again in Sept. 1991 The Melobar Basement Genius about Dad's death
 Lap Steel Guitar by Andy Volk p262
These are books and articles that are ACCURATE and not distorted into someones weird twist.
So we will try and have something available for the world to remember the real history of Melobar.