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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Mosrite Melobar 50th Anniversary Guitar for Sale

This is a never say never guitar sale:), one of those guitars I said I'd never sell, but find myself needing to:

Posted this guitar when it was built Jan first, but Sept 1 it is available.

Watch the video below and you will see this is a Mosrite Melobar we rescued from the barn find that had a 1966 Mosrite factory assembly date on it, we decided to make it the 50 year commemorative Melobar for the end of 2016 and finished it on New Years Eve 2017. Very special guitar with the original Mel-O-bar head emblem that is so hard to find and a bridge plate from a 008 Mosrite Melobar. Production stamp on the back is 066, 66th Melobar assembled by Mosrite.

This is the 066 Mosrite Melobar talked about in the barn find

We took one of the (One of Fourteen) 24" scale chrome and black fretboards that has both Semi Mosley and Walt Smiths signatures,used for the 30th Anniversary, and put it on it. 
Note, Melobar was authorized to build fourteen of the 30th anniversary but only finished a half dozen is why this one was available. The only other guitar with this fretboard is my personal Mosrite doubleneck Tel-O-bar.

Finish is Satin Blue with Silver Matalic but with a crinkle clear to keep that older look and not a high gloss, lipstick tube pickup in the rhythm and a humbucker on the bridge.

The front body edge is scalloped to create yet one more unique feature to the guitar never done on Melobars before and has a very cool look.

Reassembled exactly as it was 50 years ago in the Mosrite factory including the original Mel-O-Bar badge.

But as a 6 string so very playable with a great sound.

This is a guitar that probably should be on a wall, protected, but I hope the new owner plays it too.

Piece of history...

$1,875 plus shipping
Will come with complete documentation for authenticity