The Smith Family Melobar Guitar - the real story of Melobar from Ted Smith -

For Sale or Trade

This Doubleneck Melobar Tel-O-bar is the only one complete I have for sale or trade.

Upper neck is an older MIM Fender in excellent condition
Video of that guitar before modification

Melobar Neck is a six string with MIM pickups, a mirror of the upper neck in components. 24.5 scale with a Bronze nut.

Videos of Tel-O-bars in action:

Make an offer for paypal payment or trade SOLD


Only the Gray primer DIY is for sale in this photo

To help guys get into a double neck I built a DIY of the body and Melobar neck.

To the left is an example of one finished,

The Tele neck is not included that is on the primer guitar, it's just to give you a referance.

The Gray body and Melobar neck is $385 plus shipping. SOLD
there's one on ebay for $485 I just completed
under:Telecaster Melobar Double Neck DIY Kit

I really believe the double neck is the coolest guitar ever and own five myself that I play all the time. I'd love to see more guys get this instrument so even though I'm retired out of building, if you want one, contact me and I'll help you figure it out. If you have a Tele you want modified, you can send that to me and I'll marry it to the Melobar side.


The Gray Melobar neck and Tele body is the only thing for sale.

The Brown Tele Melobar is just a referance.
Video of that guitar:

This is another instrument I really enjoy - I built one with the TexMex Fender, three Pickup Nashville, set up, and absolutely love the tone of the front two pickups, best blues voice Melobar ever had,

$285 plus shipping for the Gray body and neck.
There is a 8 string version in the paint booth that should be ready summer of 2017


If you could pick this guitar up and handle it, you'd buy it. The body is conformed like the Blue Burst in the video link below.

It is one of the few Powerslide necks (slopes down with more style as it joins the body and more shape to the head) left from the 1980's original batch of necks cut by A&M carvers in L.A. This neck was kept as a "Spec." neck (had all the measurements correct) for the Powerslide model 10 string Melobar.

The pickup cut out is to fit the original Powerslide 88 Bill Lawrence or George L steel guitar pickup and the head is drilled for Grover keys (10 string).

It's one of the last Powerslide necks, found in the Barn Find in 2015.

$285 plus shipping SOLD


This is the other Powerslide neck talked about in the Barn Find that actually had been prepped to build in the 80's during David Lindleys Melobar days with El Rayo X but got scratched in the paint finish. Originally it had the Proform foam body but I cut a V body for it so we could have one more of the rare 10 String Powerslide Melobars like Lindleys for someone who would want that piece of history. Since this photo I primered the entire guitar to protect the wood.

The V body is like one I have myself in that it is thinner and lighter and shaped to your body. Very cool instrument. $335.

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